Monday, February 1, 2016

Revbox Erg

This past week I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a Revbox Erg, and so I thought I would give my thoughts on this amazing training tool. I have had a pretty decent trainer the past year which I was pretty happy with but the Revbox takes it to the next level. It is a low inertia trainer. What that means that unlike other trainers which give you some assistance in your pedal stroke this does not. So you have to work hard in every part of the pedal stroke. Through listening to the revbox you can hear if any part of your pedal stroke is weak and can adjust. Just sitting on it for a short time, I felt I was working harder to stabilise my pelvis, and I could really feel my weaker hamstrings really starting to do some work. For me it will be a core part of my cycling programme, specifically targeting some weak points of my cycling. Below I will outline some ways how it could help any age group triathlete.

When it comes to cycling in triathlon, the key to success is strength. A significant portion of my cycling training is devoted to targeting cycling strength, hill work, big gear work etc. Of course I can do this on the road, but when it comes to hill work there are time constraints. First I have to bike to the hill, depending where you live this could be close enough, or you may even have to drive yourself and your bike closer so you can finish your session on time. For big gear reps I like to do this at a certain rpm which often means on the road I can't have a flat piece of road, or undulating, it has to be slightly uphill. Again there are many time constraints for me to find the perfect piece of road which is going to let me achieve what I wish to during that session. In this regard the Revbox is perfect. Being low inertia I can warm up quickly and then get straight into the really beneficial part of the training, riding the rpm I want, for the length that I want. I can dictate. I am then able to train efficiently, no waste of time in travelling, or wasting time biking to the hill and running out of time for my main set. For Age group athletes who often during the week days can only fit an hour in for a bike session, they can still get a very specific and targeted session completed which will lead to increasing that strength on the bike.

If you are a complete cycling novice then the Revbox is even more perfect. I have spent a week on the Revbox and I have already felt that I am changing the way I am pedaling. I can feel it when I go out on the road. I feel more stable in the core, and more efficient in my pedaling stroke, but I am having to undo years of bad habits. For a beginner therefore, getting straight onto the Revbox and becoming a efficient peddler straight away before any bad habits are ingrained is invaluable. I wish I could go back to that moment in time!

I can see many happy days in the winter sitting on the Revbox and not losing my strength over the winter months like I usually do, but I will be using it year round as in so many cases I see it being more valuable then being out on the road, and I don't have to worry about the traffic as well. Even in the heat of summer sitting on the Revbox is comfortable because you get a nice breeze blowing into your legs. It is not the horrible sweaty session that it was with my other trainer.

You can check out all information related to the Revbox here and you can even use the code RB16DISGC10 for a 10% discount if you do so in the next 2 weeks.

Happy Training! Gina