Wednesday, December 2, 2015

End of 2015 racing

This weekend saw me race my last race of 2015. It wasn't supposed to be my last race, I was planning to race the IM 70.3 in Taupo on December 12th but unfortunately I fell ill just before departing for my race in Sydney and am still battling this virus still with a fever and a very bad cough. I would never advise anyone else to race when sick. These endurance events are never to be taken lightly, but like most people I find it very hard to follow my own good advice. After my DNF in Kona I really didn't want to let anyone down again and it just came down to the fact I care more about letting people down than I do about my own health. So I got through the race and finished in 4th place and actually I was pretty surprised with the splits I achieved which saw me finishing only a few minutes slower than the year before, but now that it is over it is clear to me that I need to listen to my body and give it the break it needs. I started my season on January 9th and have completed 11 (4 full and 7 half distance races) since then, 13 if you include my 3.8k swim, 180k bike, 16k run in Hawaii. In fact when I look back, by the first week of March before most athletes had even begun their season I had already embarked on 2 full distance races and 3 half distance races! And of course it is not just the racing, I have traveled long distance far too much and that always takes far more out of me than racing itself.

I think part of me has been trying to punish myself these last few weeks. Because of my DNF in Kona I have embarked on a torturous schedule which has seen me travelling long distance, separated from my family on red eye flights with endurance races at the end of it all, all it seems to make up for the fact I was not able to run the last 25km of the race in Hawaii. What is really quite funny though is that after all this travel which took me to Europe, twice to Asia, Hawaii, and numerous times to Australia I am now unable to do the race which is just 3 hours drive away from my house!!

Looking back at my results it looks like the year went very smoothly. I achieved 4 first places, 4 second places, 3 4th places and a DNF, but really 2015 has been one really long battle. From my perspective it has been a battle to get on each and every start line and I am looking forward to put 2015 to rest. So now I rest and recover for a bit. We move back down to Canterbury just before Christmas and I will be taking a slightly new direction in the New Year which I am very excited about. Thanks as always to my supporters and sponsors in helping me through this year. My coach Kristian from Trispecific, Ceepo, Project Clothing, Asics, Rolf Prima, Rudy Project, Keywin, Sweet Cheeks, Powerbar, Roka, Cobb.