Monday, November 2, 2015

Ironman 70.3 Taiwan

This will be just a quick post as I am travelling with just an iPad. Yesterday I raced and won ironman 70.3 Taiwan. I am extremely happy to win this race and to have had this opportunity to travel to and race in a new location. I had a great time here. The people are so friendly and welcoming and I feel extremely fortunate that I am able to keep visiting and exploring new places. Here is a very quick run down of race day.

Swim. Non wetsuit really enjoyed it. I was out alone and on the way back got completely lost as to direction. I stopped several times to try and get my bearings. When I finally saw someone on a JetSki I was frantically trying to wave to them to ask for directions but they thought I was being friendly and just waved back! I was pretty relieved when I finally could see the buoy and I had gone a bit too far to the right and wasted a bit of time but that is life.

I was first women out and onto the bike. The bike was shortened to 78km because of wind. It was  2 laps, the first lap I was very conservative, learning my way and watching for hazards such as cars, motorbikes, dogs etc. on the second loop we had a lot of passing to do of slower athletes. Kate Bevilaqua came past me at this point and I realised that I was perhaps being a bit over cautious and picked up my pace. We stayed in close proximity the rest of the way and came off the bike together.

Kate got a lead on me in transition and I caught back up to her at about the 2k mark. I was still having some issues with my diaphragm, ribs, back tightness and decided to race conservatively for the first part and then my plan was if I was still in the mix with 5k to go I would give it everything no matter what. I just didn't want to destroy myself at the beginning. It was very hot and humid and luckily for me racing in Asia doesn't require you to be super fast, you just don't want to overdo things and blow up. I stopped at every aid station and poured water over myself etc, each time I looked back I could see Kate just 100m behind or so. At around 15k or so I could no longer see her which was a relief! I was happy with my run a 1.28 in hot conditions, but I didn't feel comfortable in my ribs and diaphragm and could not run freely. I still have much work to do on this, and it will probably be the case that I just have to manage it until I have my break in December and then really get on top of this.

Ceepo had a great team of athletes here and in the end we took out first and second in the men with Guy and Christian doing a great job, and also first and second in the women with Kate and myself. It was so great to have their support out there on the course and to see so many athletes riding Ceepo!

Also big thanks to my coach Kristian from trispecific for getting me back on track post kona and to all my sponsors for their continued support. Hopefully this makes up somewhat for what happened in kona. Ceepo, powerbar, Rolf Prima, project clothing, Asics, rudy project, Cobb, roka, keywin and sweet cheeks. Next up is challenge Forster next weekend!